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Wardrobe Design Suggestions made by Connie Matthews The Stylish Director and Personal Stylist will help you start the day on a more positive note!

Through recent surveys, in a number of countries, Ikea found nearly 25% of people find the most stressful part of the day being that of ‘waking up and taking off for work’.  The survey also found that picking out clothes in the morning was a huge annoyance.  Interesting!

On top of this they also found that 20% of clothes in wardrobes simply don’t get worn because people can’t find everything they need.  Clearly most people need to invest a little time on sorting out their wardrobe ‘hardware’.

There are endless adaptable storage systems available today that help us design the space we want and need, look sensational, plus to top it off, make you feel pretty good in the mornings.  Your wardrobe should be a happy place where you can make outfits come to life in an instant.  Get Inspired!

By investing in quality fixtures, fittings and/or shelving you may find your mornings will run with ease.  The right hangers and wardrobe accessories will also make a huge difference.  By re-creating this space your clothes will last longer, just through ventilation alone.  How much money will this save you over time? 

At the end of the day all this really means to you is that you can buy clothing less often, of better quality and with more intent.  Clothing of better quality will also make you look more ‘put together’ and you’ll love everything in your wardrobe.  How much more confident would you feel with a wardrobe filled with quality fashion pieces? 

Rightly or wrongly, people do judge instantly on what they see.  We may not like it, however it is totally true.  Clothing says something about you, tells the world what you like and how you care about yourself.  See your wardrobe as an investment in you.  Your wardrobe should be a work of art and an expression of who you are.  When you step out and want to be taken seriously, show the world your STYLE through your clothing choices.      

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director can help offer suggestions on creating ‘on trend’, wardrobe functionality and drawer space.  By making this space fun you just may be able to go ‘shopping in your own wardrobe’ with your new quality fashion pieces.

Coco Chanel was quoted saying:

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.