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The ‘Wardrobe Audit’ along with ‘The Shop’ is by far the most popular service as………

The art of dressing starts here!

With these two services together, your ‘wardrobe makeover’ will be refreshed, no fashion disasters waiting to happen and will have you stepping out in STYLE each and every day.

Women the world over at some point in time have stood in front of their very full wardrobes and said ‘I have nothing to wear’ and clearly do.  If this is you, rest assured you are not alone when it comes to wardrobe planning.  However, by asking yourself this question every morning, it builds into our already busy lifestyle, a level of anxiety and stress which you just don’t need when starting the day.  If this spells out anything, what it says loud and clear is; you have wasted thousands of hard earnt dollars on items sitting in your closet right now.  Would I be right in making this comment?

If this is resonating with you, I would also take a guess that your closet is full of garments that don’t work well together.  Meaning; you end up wearing just a few favourite pieces while the rest of your clothes are suffering in silence and unloved, taking up valuable space.

Clothes can sit in our wardrobe for a number of reasons: 

  • Too small (‘but I’m going to lose weight soon’)
  • Too big (‘but I’ll keep it for the next fat day’)
  • Sentimental (‘but not fashionable’)
  • It was a really expensive piece (‘but that hole in front won’t matter, will it?’)
  • Doesn’t go with anything else in my wardrobe (‘but I might buy something one day to match it up with’)


Whatever the reason, if you haven’t worn an item for quite some time, guess where it belongs?

As a wardrobe consultant I am here to let you know there are plenty of organizations that could make good use of what you, clearly, will not wear.  Give these pieces a good home.

The Wardrobe Audit will help you to:

  • Keep clothes that fit, you love, suit your body shape,  your colouring and are in good condition
  • De-clutter – Remove anything that just doesn’t work for you anymore, is not fashionable and cannot be repaired
  • Organize your space where you can create an outfit in seconds
  • Have your accessories displayed so that you can complete your ‘look’ quickly

The importance of having a good image will create a positive influence on all aspects of your everyday life.  You may want a carefully groomed look, a head-turning up-to-the-minute fashion statement or street grunge.  Every image you choose takes effort and planning to make it work to best effect, even a messy and casual one.  And it all starts in your wardrobe.

Once you know what is right for you, shopping will become a pleasure.

A great man called Ralph Lauren was quoted saying:

You have to create something from nothing.