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As your Personal Stylist I can quickly evaluate and share just how Stylish you can be.

Style is not just about fashion. Style is more than a perfect haircut, that most fashionable coat, the trendy handbag. It’s a combination of the way you carry yourself, the way you dress, talk, move and your personality. It includes your thoughts, emotions, interests, values, behaviour, along with your current lifestyle.

Style means something different to all of us.

A wise man once said ‘the way you dress is how the world sees you’.

A very simple but honest statement!


Some of us may be looking at enhancing image and STYLE in order to achieve career goals. Others may feel their lack of ‘Style Sense’ has been taking up too much time standing in front of their wardrobe saying ‘I have nothing to wear’. Some of us may just be looking at simplifying.

Whatever your reason, hiring a personal stylist is an investment.

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director has never heard anyone ever say ‘it’s been a waste of money’. Why? Well let’s take a walk through your wardrobe:

  • How much money is invested in your wardrobe and how much of it do you actually wear? 80/20 Rule – right?
  • When getting dressed in the morning do you get anxious about how your outfit looks? Do you change a second time?
  • How much time have you wasted making this decision?
  • Can you remember your last shopping trip?  How frustrating and overwhelming was it? Annoying – right?

Let’s re-evaluate your wardrobe & create a new Style.
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As a Personal Stylist I help evolve your image so you feel amazing in everything you wear.  I have a genuine curiosity about YOU!  Through a combination of services I will guide you through a personal and fashion transformation.  Read More………

Wardrobe Design Suggestions

When you look at your closet space and don’t feel a sense of peace, stand there each morning saying ‘where did I put those shoes?’, it may be time to create a functional Wardrobe Design.  De-cluttering and reorganizing your wardrobe can affect the way you think and change your perception about things.  Read More……….

Wardrobe Audit

With a Wardrobe Audit we review your existing space, evaluate what is in your closet and why, utilize existing garments to create looks, remove what doesn’t work, then identify any areas that need filling.  By organizing the clothes in your wardrobe we can save you time, money and build your confidence in putting together outfits for various occasions.  Read More…

The Shop

The Shop is the area we either love or hate.  Personal Shopping, with me, in stores carrying the clothes that work for your body shape, lifestyle and budget is our goal.  As a personal shopper I can help you create a whole new look or expand on an existing one.  Look and feel your best for that important occasion such as interviews, celebrations, events or just for each and every day. Read More…….

Skincare | Makeup | Haircare

We are what we reflect and your outward appearance is your letter of presentation so your Skin Care, Make Up, Hair Care can make all the difference.  With skill and attention, you can make sure a carefully styled appearance helps you present yourself at your absolute best and open several doors.  Get to know your personal style better and how to make the best of your beauty.  Read More………

Stylish Health | Diet | Nutrition

As our lifestyles change, so does our level of health and it’s important to recognize when Diet, Nutrition, Health, Exercise needs focusing on.  We can improve our health on a daily-basis and with some careful planning you’ll find it relatively easy to incorporate small changes into your daily life which will help to protect your overall wellbeing.  Read More……

Re-visit | Second Shop

If you are curious and need to re-visit, second shop, whether it be to assess or expand your style, your personal stylist is on hand with more shopping services.  Having gone through some, or all of the above, you now have more confidence and see your inner beauty being outwardly transformed.  You’re presenting a stronger, more competent woman and feel more feminine at the same time.  People are now taking you more seriously because you are experiencing yourself differently.  Getting dressed in the morning is easy because your wardrobe matches your inner personality and lifestyle and your closet is organized.  Read More….


With the possibilities of personal gifts being endless, unique, bespoke gifts require true inspiration and is an art.  Gifting is so much more than just the physical exchange of objects and can mean a great deal, or not, to the recipient.  The delightful things in life, the gifts that make you smile every time you walk past/look at them, the memorable days presented to you for that job well done are what The Stylish Director strives to achieve.   Read More….


Personalised corporate gifts, business gifts, personalised small gifts, customized gifts for her, personalised gifts for him, unusual personalised gifts or personalised items can always be purchased.  Connect with your valued clients on a personal level by showing you are passionate about them.  Read More….