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About Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director

About Connie Matthews The Stylish Director and Personal Stylist

Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director and Personal Stylist, runs and operates a Lifestyle Management, Personal Concierge and Personal Styling Business  that is proud to offer a ‘time valued service’ in managing busy lives.

Having been top of my game was hard work.  So when you say you are working long hours I totally get it. 

There was a time in my corporate life where I was Number 1 in sales – Nationally, over 4 divisions, approximately 350 consultants.  I increased sales by over 60% from the previous years’ winner.  Achieving fabulous Travel Incentives was a welcomed diversion.  Many saw me as successful and ‘having my act together’, but little did they know  that I was peddling extremely fast.  Success means putting in the time, energy and effort.  If only I had a Personal Stylist and Shopper back then!  

Working hard is one thing I am totally familiar with.  I was one of the corporate warriors that worked from sun-up to sun- down.  Picture Ally McBeal flying out of the elevator from her office building, running down the street, at the very last minute before a function she slides into the bottle shop, selecting a bottle of wine as a gift, wearing the same outfit she wore last week.  Well, maybe not the same outfit as Ally McBeal was a movie star but for the rest of us this would be our reality.  Well…that was me!

The corporate world and family life often leaves us with very little time to do the simple things we need in order to complete our days.  Finding time to shop for our corporate and leisure wear is seen as time consuming and non-productive.  Our clients or family come first – right?  The thought of walking around for hours finding that perfect pair of shoes, to go with that new dress you just bought, or gifts for family and friends is draining.  Right?

Amazing as it may seem, shopping is a passion for me. 

Allow me to focus on your Personal Styling, Wardrobe, your gifting needs for family and corporates, while you focus on your leisure time.

One of the greats, Henry Ford, said:

Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.