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How to Effortlessly Grow your Business & Attract Compliments

By Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director, Personal Stylist, Brisbane Australia


GUEST BLOGGER:  Janja Bojanic, founder of Connection Consulting, Sydney, Australia.

Have you ever walked into a crowded room of people and made heads turn?

 Well up until a few months ago neither had I!  In fact, it was the complete opposite…..until one day I had an experience which was the final breaking point for me and I made the decision to engage a Personal Stylist.

 I laugh now, as everywhere I go I attract compliments, heads turn when I enter a room and I leave a lasting, positive impression when networking and doing business.

Command attention, demonstrate confidence all by the way you dress and Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist can show you how

Command attention, demonstrate confidence just by the way you dress.

As women, we can be incredibly harsh on ourselves and find it hard to uncover anything positive about our body – and you could say, I was at an all-time low when it came to my self-confidence and body image.  I found myself retreating and hiding from the world –as leaving the house meant I had to find an outfit to wear and I was finding that impossible.

 Networking wasn’t an option – it’s hard enough to walk into a room full of strangers with confidence let alone when you feel self-conscious about what you’re wearing.

 I host a networking event monthly where I also speak.  At one event I had a professional speaker/trainer approach me after my presentation and asked if he could give me feedback.

 To rub salt in an already sore wound he told me (not in these exact words) that I could dress a bit better.  I needed to improve my appearance as this would leave a lasting ‘first impression’ on people that I was trying to attract into my business.

 Ouch!  I can’t deny, that really hurt.

 However, I believe everything happens for a reason.  It’s what I needed to hear in order for me to take action.  The next day I engaged a Personal Stylist and she obviously sensed the desperation in my voice and I booked a consult shortly after.

Simple accessories add Elegance, Grace, Poise and Class and Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist knows how to make you stand out

Simple accessories add Elegance, Grace, Style and Class adding to your overall confident look.


My life changed forever after our consult, our wardrobe edit and shopping session together.

 Here’s why:


 Engaging a Personal Stylist was the best investment and decision I ever made.  And, it was the most transformational experience.



 Janja Bojanic is a marketing mentor, who is passionate about translating her marketing experience in the corporate world to the small business environment. With a reputation for delivering client experiences with a WOW factor, Janja learnt hands on what it takes to create loyal customers and boost repeat and referral business.

The creator and founder of Connection Consulting, she now specializes in teaching business owners how to connect with customers, streamline relationship-building practices and keep their funnel of leads ongoing.

Key People of Influence create strong First Impressions by the way they dress as illustrated by Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist

Janja Bojanic, the creator and founder of Connection Consulting


I’ve had the greatest pleasure meeting Janja and realised very quickly we shared similar goals.  Janja’s mission is to empower businesses.  Her focus is on connecting and building relationships as a key strategy to their success, to encourage established businesses in engaging a strong, personal connection with their customers and to bridge the gap between the online and offline world. 

As Janja said – Dressing well can help you command attention without having to speak.  Your clothes highlight your Elegance, Polish, Grace and Class.  They demonstrate your Style, give you that Edge and Attitude and lifts you above your competition.  Now tell me… is this not what you want to achieve!

How often are you waking up, walking over to your wardrobe, standing in front of it and say to yourself – ‘I have nothing to wear’?  Then we need to talk!  Call me on 0439088669.

Let me work with you to create your style.  Book a Wardrobe Audit and Personal Styling Session to help you command the attention you deserve.

 Connie Matthews

Style … Is as Individual as YOU!

Advice from Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist

Providing clear Personal Styling advice from Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist

2 responses to “How to Effortlessly Grow your Business & Attract Compliments”

  1. Shirley Jane Jackson says:

    Gorgeous Connie!
    I’m consider coming up for Lizzie and Francesca’s party! I’ll look forward to seeing you! I’ve sent Lizzie an email. I would appreciate
    any input re Max the time to attend SOAR, or any events at that time. Easter Mon arvo- Wed morning only. Breakfast meet Wed. Would be ok.

  2. How exciting Shirley,
    Liz has an event Tuesday 18th and I’ll be crewing for her. So we’ll catch up then.
    Connie M

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