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By Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director, Personal Stylist, Brisbane Australia

I’ve just read 2 articles that say only 8.4% of women have an Hour Glass body shape (figure).  I most certainly cannot substantiate this and would have thought it to be higher. 

However, and quite clearly by the above stat, so many of us don’t fit the bill!

This body shape is already HOT!  They are Goddesses.  They don’t need to work hard at dressing, as everything already looks breath-takingly AWESOME on them.  

This is the friend we all have, and say: ‘you’d look good in a brown paper bag’.  You know the one!  And, I can hear you all from in front of my laptop – Thank goodness there are only 8.4% out there.

Let’s describe this shape…

Fuller Hour Glass Body Shape shared by Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist

Perfect evening gown for the perfect Hour Glass Fuller body shape

Can I help you visualise?  Think: 

For the rest of us, we are trying to create this look by arranging our clothes to give off an Hour Glass illusion.  Hence the value of having your own Personal Stylist.  This is their job!

The clever lines around the waist are highlighting the great Hour Glass Body Shape


You are one lucky women. You could wear a brown paper bag and look sensational.  Show what you have and don’t hide that amazing figure.

Buy classic pieces and don’t over accessorize around the neckline.  Your bust is already perfect. 

Avoid high or turtle necklines as this draws attention away from your gorgeous waist.  Scooped or V necklines are magic on you.  Keep patterns, prints and embellishments to the minimum around the top area as this will unbalance your perfect hour glass figure.

Wrap tops and dresses highlight your waist.  Vertical Stripes elongate your height, but will also draw attention into your gorgeous waistline. 

Sheer fabrics will feature that 36/24/36 look, with one piece dresses effortlessly saying, what you just don’t need to say, Wow…I look great!  Let your clothes speak for you.

We want to keep your stunning figure and I would suggest to keep away from huge belts and batwing sleeves.

Fitted coats and Single-Breasted Jackets work well on you.  Stay clear from anything that will add bulk around your waistline such as a Double-Breasted Jacket.  If you’re shorter in stature  ¾ length is great, or jackets and tops finishing just below the crotch.

Personally, with this figure, I wouldn’t even go near trousers.  And if you do, wide leg pants.

Pencil skirts will highlight your curves, making sure they are not gapping around the waist.  A-line is something else you could wear.

Now Jeans.  We either get this right or we get them terribly wrong.  Stretch denim – perfect!  Smaller cut waist, slightly flared or boot-cut will give you a more balanced look.  I love the tailored look with heels as this makes you appear taller (and lift your butt).

When looking at Bathers you have the right body shape to wear bikinis.  Look for under wiring with your bikini top.

When it comes to under wear it’s pretty much the same rule, under wire and well fitted.  You are well endowed so support your bust.  Don’t get anything that is padded, you simply don’t need any more help.

Simplicity in your clothing choices is the key.  Big pockets, accentuated shoulders, large accessories all add bulk.  You don’t need any more, you are already a finished package.

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist helps overweight women look fabulous just like this perfect Hour Glass Body Shape

This stunning larger woman is still a perfect Hour Glass body shape

When people hear what it is I do for a living they get super excited.  They quickly follow up with a qualifying statement that sounds very much like this:  when I lose weight, when I get that new job, etc.   If you’re wanting to sort out your wardrobe and clothing – don’t wait.  These statements are all smoke screens!  The question is:  what are you really waiting for?

It doesn’t matter what size you are, what body shape you are, what you do for a career, whether you’re in the workforce or a stay at home Mum, every person is beautiful.  Everyone deserves to treat themselves to making an impact when and where it counts for them the most.

I’ve help many people recognise the power of clothes and you could be one of them.

I hold a monthly Hands-On Shopping Experience which you can join.  Book here!  It’s a small group with no more than 10.

Perhaps a one on one session is more what you need.  Find out more here.

If you need more research on the benefits to having a Personal Stylist, read more here.

Connie Matthews


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