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Feel like Cinderella? A Personal Stylist finds your heart’s desire!

By Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director, Personal Stylist, Brisbane Australia

GUEST BLOGGER:  Lorena Chiappara, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Gold Coast, Australia

I always believed personal stylists were only for the rich and famous…and dare l say it…beautiful people. 

You know those movers and shakers in front of the cameras and paparazzi. 

For me, as a middle-aged woman who had never been happy with her body shape, who hated shopping and who felt like a frump most of the time, the idea of hiring a stylist was a pipe dream. 

It was the carrot at the end of the stick. You know the one…”When l finally reach my goal weight, my reward will be a stylist session and a whole new wardrobe.” 

Well, another ten years went by.  The weight still hadn’t budge and suddenly l had a health scare. 

That’s when it happened…no more waiting around for the impossible. I booked in my stylist session and so my journey began.

The Stylish Director, Connie Matthews, finding the right clothing choices for her clients

Shop with clear director.  Your Personal Stylist, Connie Matthews, will show you how.

In one day, we tossed out my entire wardrobe- bar a couple of items -and started from scratch. We built a small capsule of quality clothes where every piece was carefully chosen to work with everything else to make multiple combinations of outfits. 

And that’s when the magic started. l felt like the secret princess who finally discovers her identity. 

This selection of clothes, chosen to suit my style and more importantly my body shape, magically transformed my life in ways l never expected.

I felt amazing, the clothes looked amazing – making me look two sizes smaller even though my body was still that dreaded size 18.  Suddenly, l was living my very own version of Cinderella with my own fairy godmother. 

I was morphing into a confident, sassy, and yes dare l say it, sexy woman…Who knew?

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist teaches you to become more confident and sassy with your style

Being more confident and sassy with your clothing choices is just one of the benefits when you engage a Personal Stylist.

Next thing l knew I had a photoshoot for work – which l was dreading- became a thing of joy. My photos were stunning. For the first time in my life l felt like l was owning my own space.

From there, my confidence took me in all sorts of directions – joining Toastmasters, doing videos for my business – even a live TV interview – publishing a book and just recently the decision to go out on my own and establish my own real estate business.

Every day since then, l ask myself…Who is this woman?

The answer:  This is the real me.  The woman l wish l had unlocked years earlier.

Think of the tens of thousands of Dollars l threw away on clothes over the last 35 years that kept me feeling fat and ugly.

My advice to every woman over the age of 20 – Get your own fairy godmother aka personal stylist- and unleash your hidden potential in ways you never dreamed.

About the author

Lorena Chiappara is a home selling specialist and author. She works with clients who are looking for a positive real estate experience and a premium sales price.  She is adamant that proper presentation of your home for sale is the only way to achieve phenomenal results. And as such provides a system to show them how to increase that price by using her team of professionals to take their property to a whole new level. This has meant her clients have consistently achieved far higher sales prices – often setting record street prices.

Lorena Chiappara is a home selling specialist and author

Lorena Chiappara is a Home Selling specialist and Author.


I’ve had the greatest pleasure meeting Lorena and realised we share so much.  Lorena styles homes to elevate and capture a great return on investment for the owners and I, really, do the same.  I help everyone create a strong presence through the Power of Clothes, to be noticed and to ‘Stand Out’. 

‘Clothes’ can speak, even before you say a word.  They tell the world who you are, they design your Elegance, Polish, Grace and Class.  They give you that little edge and Attitude.   

If you are someone that is looking to Step Up, Step Out and take on more challenges listen to Lorena’s words of wisdom.  She wished she had taken on a Personal Stylist 35 years earlier.  Don’t wait.

Take the time to view my website  HERE or I’m available for a chat, via Zoom, Skype or phone, email me when you need help:

Or, you may just want to bite the bullet and join my Half Day Shopping Experience.  Book HERE.

Make sure you put yourself in the Driver’s Seat.


Connie Matthews

Style … Is as Individual as YOU!

Advice from The Stylish Director Connie Matthews Personal Stylist

Providing clear Personal Styling advice from The Stylish Director Connie Matthews

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