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Expert Styling Tricks for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

By Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director, Personal Stylist, Brisbane Australia



Every ‘Body Shape’ is gorgeous and the Inverted Triangle Body is every bit as beautiful as all the others.   I should know – this one is me!

Let me share some famous celebs that have this body shape just to give you an idea:  Pink, Alyssa Milano, Renee Zellweger, Elle McPherson, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford and Jessica Beil.  You should be feeling pretty good by now!

Whilst this article is all about balancing your shape, please keep in mind that many that have this shape like the appearance it projects.  It has an athletic look and many women feel comfortable with their broad shoulders.  Again, I sit in this category and I am more than happy.

The Inverted Triangle Body Shape can give an athletic appearance. Some admire this shape. Ask Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist in Brisbane for styling advice

Broad across the Shoulders gives you an ‘Inverted Triangle’ Body Shape and can give an athletic appearance.

Here are 10 tips to use when shopping for this shape.  Particularly if you’re wanting to balance and create, the ‘goddess’ of all silhouette body shapes, the Hour Glass Figure.

1.   Features

Upper body is larger than your lower half

You have broad shoulders and look strong

This shape often gives an athletic or sporty appearance

You’ll have little or no waist

Hips are quite straight

Small bottom or a little on the flat side

Some may say you have a masculine look – I don’t, of course

Usually have great legs – good to know – and is your best asset

2.  Tips

Look for clothes that can create fuller hips and thighs and create curves

You can deal with flounce, ruffles, pleats, pockets and flared legs in your pants and jeans

Add interest around the hipline to create a balanced look

Soften your shoulders with soft fabrics and wear jumpers with a fine gauge

3.  Create Balance

You can take all kinds of prints, lace, textures and horizontal stripes around the hips

Volume around the waistline

Fuller Skirts

Want to learn how to dress your body shape contact Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist in Brisbane

Clever lines balance out this ‘Inverted Triangle’ Body Shape. Vertical Lines in the shirt, along with pockets in the pants are creating an illusion of an Hour Glass shape.

4.  Tops

Tops with V-necks or deep scoops help narrow the upper body

You can create interest by layering tops, both with different necklines.  Darker colour on top

Anything nipped into the waist with a flare at the hipline is perfect for you.  This adds width across your hips and offers fake curves

Tops/Shirts with vertical detailing

Soft sleeves, for example Raglans or dropped shoulder points.  Shoulder cut-outs are magic on you

Wide straps

Shirts with no collars

5.  Skirts

You can take bold colours and prints for both skirts and pants

Fuller Skirts, Ruffles, A-line, Tulip, Bias Cut or Tiered Skirts help with balancing your shape

Voluminous Maxi’s

Pencil Skirts, if well fitted, can give the appearance of having fuller hips

Remember, you have amazing legs so you can play with the length

6.  Trousers

Here, we’re adding some volume

Wide legs, flared pants are totally flattering on you

Side pockets really help to balance your shoulders

Pants with gathering at the waist and tied – stunning

Boot Cut jeans, slightly flared are fabulous

You can get away with cargo pants, faded wash jeans and cuffed legs

Leggings aren’t pants – NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

7.  Coats and Jackets

Follow the rules as for tops

Deep V-necklines, nipped in the waist, flared bottom

Hip pockets to add volume around the hips

Trench Coats and Wrap Styles are great on you

8.  Dresses

Any dresses that have a flared hemline as for skirts above

Highlight your waist by dresses nipped in around your middle

Belts can define your waist

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist understands Body Shaps

Understanding your Body Shape is one of the keys to getting the right fit with your clothes.

9.  Beach Wear

Classic and daring Styles

Deep V necklines, Thick Straps

Halter Neck is brilliant on you

Bikini Bottoms patterned or embellished

10. Avoid

Jumpers with a heavy gauge as it adds bulk across your shoulders

Shoulder pads and strong shoulder detailing

Petite Shoes, Scarves and Clutch Bags

Skinny Jeans

You can visit my website and learn more about what Personal Styling HERE.

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Reading about your shape is one thing, shopping for it is sometimes altogether different.  If you still have questions on your body shape drop me an email: or call me on 0439088669.

Advice from Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist

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Connie Matthews

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