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By Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director, Personal Stylist, Brisbane Australia


Did you know you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression?  Yes…that’s right! We’re hard-wired to do this.  Some trivia for you:  It goes all the way back to our Cave Man existence.  Weird, but true!!!

Command and drive your ‘Style’ with Elegance, Polish, Grace and Class.  When you present the best version of you, you’ll always have peace of mind in your appearance.

Dress Well and Look Expensive

Think about this!  If you’re going to worry all day about a wardrobe malfunction, how productive and effective are you really going to be?  That’s a ‘big zilch’ at focusing on your path to success.

As silly as it sounds when you look ‘Absolutely Amazing and Sensational’ you’ll always be bestowed with the utmost care and kindness everywhere you go.  Go ahead and prove that to yourself.  Dress down one day and go shopping.  Dress mind-blowing and then go shopping.  It’s incredible the difference this will make in the way people address you.  People want to be with successful people – and there-in lies all the proof you will need!!!

Here’s my quote:  Perception is reality and people buy perception – because that is their reality!

People will see you as brilliantly solid, expensive and successful when dressed-up.  Ask yourself – do you like to be around successful people?  Of course, you do!

These 6 very simple steps will help you drive your ‘style’ future goals:

  1. Understand your Dominant ‘Style’ Type
  2. Plan your wardrobe with Purpose
  3. Decide on the spend for your new wardrobe
  4. Buy ONLY twice throughout the year (with purpose)
  5. Prepare each day with Passion
  6. Pursue each day with Persistence
The Stylish Director, Connie Matthews, finding the right clothing choices for her clients

When you know your ‘Dominant Style’ shopping for clothes will become a breeze.

Creativity and fiction = a dream reality!  Imagination has no limits in creating YOUR ‘STYLE’.  Perception is Reality remember.  Start with yourself first.

If finding your Dominant ‘Style’ Type is still a mystery, planning your wardrobe is tough, shopping with purpose is challenging then give me a call.  We can happily book in a 1 on 1 session and work through each of these together.

Alternatively, go to my Events Page here  for the following:

  1. Meetups where we discuss numerous Fashion and Business topics
  2. Half Day Personal Styling Workshops
  3. 2 Day Styling Workshops

Or, book a 1 on 1 Wardrobe Audit and Styling Session  with your Personal Stylist direct.

Stand Out from the Crowd with the help of Connie Matthews The Stylish Director

Connie Matthews

Style…Is as Individual as YOU!


Understand your Dominant ‘Style’ Type

Defining your ‘Style’ is easier than it sounds.  Use Pinterest or create a Vision Board.  Notice the ‘styles’ that are dominant.   There are so many ‘style’ types however we can group them into these 5 basic categories:

  1. Whimsical
  2. Bohemian
  3. Classic
  4. Chic
  5. Avant-Garde

This helps identify your fashion direction.

Tip:  Keep your vision board.

Plan your wardrobe with Purpose

Start with organizing your closet.  Throw out what you don’t like, is not repairable, you don’t wear.  These things take up space.  If these clothes are too good to throw out give them a new home.  I can tell you I have given many a designer outfit to the Women’s Shelter.

Have a good look at what is left and create a shopping list to fill in any gaps.  Put that shopping list in a plastic sleeve and blu-tack it to the inside of your wardrobe door, or wherever you can see it – daily.  Stay the course and don’t deviate.

The items you need are:

  1. LITTLE BLACK DRESS – Consider a 2-piece for flexibility
  5. ADD ON ITEMS – Jeans | Tees
  6. SKIRT
  7. 2 x HANDBAGS
    • DAY – Large enough for all items
    • EVENING – Envelop Clutch adds Structure
  1. TIGHTS Denier 50 Light | 80 Heavier
  2. ACCESSORIES Scarves | Belts

Tip:  Keep this list.

Decide on the spend for your new wardrobe

To make an impact with ‘Style’ you need a sizeable budget.  There is no mistaking quality garments.

If you’ve completed the above steps and have a shopping list ready to go you can afford to spend more on a few garments.  Just imagine how an expensive jacket looks and feels (not to mention the fit and quality) when you team it with a $ 6.00 white Tee and inexpensive ripped jeans.  Yes…I said ‘ripped’ jeans.  I’m totally in love with ripped jeans, they are sooooooo cool!!!  Of course, they don’t have to be ripped, but why throw away a perfectly good pair of pants – even if they have holes in them (depending on where those holes are, of course).

Envelope Clutch for the evening, heels, a few accessories and you’ll feel a million bucks.  Trust me on this one.

Tip:  Decide on your colour palate before shopping.

Buy ONLY twice throughout the year (with purpose)

Fill your wardrobe gaps Autumn and Spring.  Be relentless with the ‘follow through’ on your list and continue with the chosen colour palate.

It will become clear, very quickly, that you’re shifting towards luxury pieces.  Translate that enthusiasm of your new tailored, personal ‘style’ by drifting towards implementing forethought and self-control – WAIT FOR THE SALES!!!  It’s a pleasant surprise to find a 2-piece Little Black Dress that is now half price.

Be in the driver’s seat when you’re designing your future.  Dressing well creates a mental and positive image of yourself – in your own mind.

Tip:  Shop SALES

Prepare each day with Passion

Fashion is general but ‘Style’ is Individual.  Your ‘style’ provides a comprehensive insight into your world.  Don’t forget to be creative and fun though.

Tailor your look each day with a combination of emotion and intellect which gives people what they value the most – the best and successful version of you.

Once you create the exterior Panache your attitude will line-up with your appearance, keeping your inner voice congruent with your outer exterior.

Tip:  Keep to your dominate ‘style’.

Pursue each day with Persistence

If you’re reading this, you want to be in the Driver’s Seat and to be designing your future.

Keep your goals in sight.  The difference between people who succeed and fail is Persistence.

2 responses to “6 STEPS TO DRIVE ‘STYLE’”

  1. Angela Stebbing says:

    Wise advice. Simplify your wardrobe & your mind is free from clutter. That’s why it’s so much easier when you are away on holiday. You have a lot less to choose from & so decisions don’t take long. Is that why I like going away a lot???

    • Hi Angela
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I think I’ve found a new passion, or should I say, another passion.
      De-cluttering is always the way to go.
      It’s also super important to create a wardrobe where you can visually create an outfit in seconds. I recommend hanging Singlets, Tee’s and smaller items like these. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. That’s my philosophy.
      I really appreciate your input.
      Thanks Angela Stebbing.
      Connie M

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