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10 Insane Tips to use Dressing a Triangle Body Shape!

By Connie Matthews, The Stylish Director, Personal Stylist, Brisbane Australia

In the Fashion world, they would label you as a Pear Shape however I prefer to suggest a Triangle Body Shape. 

You’re also in great company.  Some famous celebs that have this shape are:  Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera.  And these girls are gorgeous!

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Persnonal Stylist Half Day Shopping Experience Workshops Personal Styling

Triangle Body Shape is where your hips are larger than your bust and shoulders, with your best feature being your waist.

Here are 10 tips to use when shopping and dressing your shape

1.  Features

Hips are larger than your Bust giving you that Triangle Body Shape

Your super cute waist is your best asset

Slimmer up around the Bust, Arms and Shoulders

2.  Tips

Look for clothing that also have a triangle shape

Clothes and accessories that draw the eye up:  i.e. statement neck pieces and earrings

Layer it up

Get a little structure

Pants that go to the floor, avoid print or patterns here

Focus on your waist

Don’t wear anything that will draw attention to the hips

Pointed Shoes lengthen your line

3.  Create Balance

*The Goddess of all Body Shapes is the Hour Glass Figure*

Shape and arrange clothes to give the Hour Glass illusion

Add volume to your upper body

Emphasis your Waist

De-emphasize your hip area

I suggest buying separates

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist dresses all Body Shapes gives you back Confidence

So much Fun! A great entertaining way to show off the Triangle Body Shape and their best feature – the waistline!

4.  Tops

Create volume

Colours, Patterns, Embellishments (especially around the shoulders and bust) are good here

Necklines – V, U, Off the Shoulder and Boatneck tops

Empire Silhouette Bodice – ending under the bustline

Shoulder Pads, Princess Sleeve

Fitted at the waist

5.  Skirts

 Minimize volume

Darker colours, super simple stitching

Avoid ‘whiskering’, large or embellished pockets, anything that will add bulk

A-line skirts with little or no gathering

High waisted, accentuating the waistline

Cover your knees

Avoid hemlines that taper in around the knees

Avoid hemlines that finish at the largest part of your thighs

6.  Trousers

Pants that drop from the fullest part of your hipline, mid-rise waist, relaxed fit

High waisted and flat around the tummy

If you need pockets have them at the back and not on the sides

Bermuda Shorts and Capri Pants aren’t your friend, so avoid these if you can

Leggings aren’t pants – NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

7.  Coats and Jackets

Follow the rules as for tops

Highlight your gorgeous waistline

Padded shoulders

Tapered in at the waist, belted is good

Dark colours, but not compulsory

Trench is perfect

Short Jackets should cover half of your hips

8.  Dresses

Anything that is waist hugging, soft around the hipline is perfect

Wrap Dress is the absolute right choice for you

Or…think the ‘50’s in style or Stepford Wives

Necklines – V, U, Off the Shoulder and Boatneck tops

Length – below the knee

Avoid anything tight around the thighs and horizontal lines

Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist understands Body Shaps

Understanding your Body Shape is one of the keys to getting the right fit with your clothes.

9.  Beach Wear

Create volume up the top

Ruffled, embellished, pattern or padded tops, wide straps

Slightly higher cut bottoms, drawing attention up and not across the hipline

Tankinis are awesome – patterned top, block colour bottoms

10.  Avoid

Keep away from low slung belts

Patterns, Embellishments, Pockets and detail on and around the hips

Baggy tops

Pencil, Tube Style or Fishtail Skirts

Skinny Jeans

Dress or skirts that are cut on the Bias

Learning about Body Shapes is only 1 element to Personal Styling.  Understanding your Style Type is another and you can read more HERE on this.

If you still have questions on your body shape drop me an email:

Shopping Workshops are always a great way to get a handle on what looks good on you.  I hold a monthly Half Day Shopping Experience Workshop in a small group.  The format of the day is a brief on what you should be looking for, which shops carry what is right for your body shape, colours that would be best on you, send you out in pairs, once you have found something and have it on…I’m over in a flash.  I’ll give you an honest opinion if it’s right, wrong or start again.  This also gives you the opportunity to try Styles that you may not have had the confidence to try.  It’s a great way to learn and have fun.  Find out more HERE.

If a one on one is more what you need find out more HERE.

Advice from Connie Matthews The Stylish Director Personal Stylist

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